The latest press release from RCMP, which includes EIGHT uses of the term ‘weapon’…
Property Return Process
The RCMP has begun the process for the safe return of firearms taken and secured during the catastrophic floods in High River.
The RCMP is making the return of weapons as seamless as possible for residents already dealing with the stress of returning to flood damaged homes.
  • Government issued photo identification is required in order to have weapons returned.  All persons seeking return of their guns, require the proper authority to take possession of them from the RCMP.  For the vast majority of the guns secured, this is simply a Possession Acquisition License (PAL.)  Should a resident not have his or her PAL on them, a verification through the Canadian Police Information Centre Computer can confirm the existence of this document, and the guns can be returned based on the RCMP verification of its existence.  Should a gun owner not have a PAL, an alternative person, who is in possession of this document, can store the guns for them, or the resident can leave the guns secured at the RCMP Detachment while a PAL is applied for and obtained.  As there is no longer a requirement for long guns to be registered, a PAL is the only required document for the return of an unrestricted weapon.
The requirements for restricted weapons or prohibited weapons has been communicated to those residents specifically dealing with these weapons.  All weapons will be returned in accordance with the law.
Many gun owners whose weapons were secured have expressed appreciation to the RCMP for its assistance is protecting their possessions, some of which were worth tens of thousands of dollars.  Many others have voluntarily chosen to leave their weapons in safe storage at the RCMP where they know they do not have to worry about them while they deal with the more pressing issues of returning their homes to a liveable state.
Media Contact:
Sgt. Patricia Neely
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  • Lloyd Snauwaert

    I find this line ironic…” All weapons will be returned in accordance with the law. “…since it’s clear they were seized in contravention of the law.

  • FaithFan

    Don’t give up on this story Faith — we are supporting you!!

  • Superlative Critic

    They’re not WEAPONS!!!! People should stop calling them that. They are no more “weapons” than are golf clubs. Anything used against another person is a “weapon”. A pen could be a “weapon”. These are firearms, used as recreation/hunting tools – nothing more. I wish people would stop mystifying firearms, they’ve been around for hundreds of years and people are still treating them like IEDs.

  • David

    How about the Government charge and investigate in accordance with the law; those that committed Breaking and Entering to for the Purpose to steal firearms. This charge carries a Minimum Life sentence.