An update now to the RCMP gun grab story out of High River, Alberta.

What follows are some highlights from a Sun News interview with RCMP Staff Sergeant Brian Jones on the topic:

“[The seizure] was not a part of any larger plan. The plan was to protect life and property. That’s why we were in those homes. In the course of that, came across these firearms. Given the fact that many of these homes, the doors had been opened forceably by the police to make sure people were safe inside. If the firearms were in plain view, they were removed from those homes and secured until they could be stored safely by the homeowners.”

Many reading this post will know the Sergeant’s last comment regarding firearms being “in plain view” is contrary to several reports from gun-owners on the ground. For example, ‘Pincherguy’s’ anecdote from, which includes the seizure of a cased rifle in a closet– the rifle was taken while the case was left behind.

Here’s how the RCMP Staff Sergeant responded when asked about how many firearms were seized:

“There was lots of firearms seized. There was hundreds of firearms seized. We’re still working on getting that exact number. They’re safely stored and safely secured. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to go through town and look at some of the repairs and some of the work that’s going on. When those people are in a position, we’ve been approached by some that want them returned right away. Absolutely we’re facilitating that process.”

No exact number is available? Please. This most basic information should have been readily available to the public the moment firearm seizures ceased.

This brings me to my list of four questions the RCMP OUGHT TO ANSWER— but haven’t to date:


  1. Did they do a search prior to entry to establish if there were firearms in the home? (i.e. were firearms specifically targeted?
  2. Were any seized firearms locked/bolt removed? (i.e. were any deemed safely stored by law?)
  3. Exactly how many firearms were seized? Again, a basic question.
  4. What were the orders given to police? (i.e. were they told to search for firearms?)

Before I leave you, some straightforward commonsense from MLA for High River and Wildrose leader, Danielle Smith:

“If they were going to secure guns my view is they should have secured them in place. If they couldn’t secure them in place, then they should have made every effort to contact the firearms owner to get their permission. The fact of the matter is the vast majority of us who evacuated from the area registered at the red cross, through the various evacuation centres, with a phone number where we could be reached. They have access to that database because they’re issuing debit cards. So there was a step that was missed in my opinion, if they do have a justification for it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what kind of analysis we can do after the fact.”

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