Canada doesn’t have a justice system, it has a legal system: Just ask Ian Thomson.
Remember him?
Thomson of Port Colborne, Ontario was acquitted in January on trumped-up charges that he failed to store his firearms safely. The  former firearms instructor and Canadian Armed Forces veteran called 9-1-1 in the pre-dawn hours of August 22, 2010 when he awoke to masked men throwing Molotov cocktails at his home. After one of the firebombs crashed through his kitchen window, Thomson retrieved a pistol and a revolver (both legally owned and registered) from his gun safe.
A network of 12 perimeter surveillance cameras recorded the entire attack in detail. It shows the  lowlifes lobbing Molotov cocktails at Ian’s house while uttering death threats.
Thomson’s was a clear ‘made in Canada’ case of self defence:  Intruders charged only after the victim is detained, resulting in the vet being out of pocket for nearly $60,000 in legal fees.
But, so long as the masked career criminals known to police behind bars– Thomson could breathe a little easier.
Today, however, he fears for his life once again.
On Tuesday Mr. Thomson learned one of the villains who attacked his home with the intention of murdering him,  Randy Weaver, 48, is being released from jail.

Weaver, the arsonist ringleader, faces 51 criminal convictions (48 before his attempt to burn Thomson’s house down with the owner still inside) and admitted in court to taking $5,000 to conduct the criminal act. A better indication of this monster’s character  might be understood through one conviction in particular: Armed invasion in Welland, Ontario, where an autistic child resided– Weaver wielded a machete before the boy after breaking in.

Thomson received word of his attacker’s surprise September 11 hearing for a reduced sentence only one day before it was scheduled. Thomson tells me he couldn’t make the appeal as he was held up in court with his neighbour, the result of a long-simmering property dispute between the two.
Weaver saw his sentence reduced from three to one and a half years. By Thursday night Weaver was released.
Now, Thomson is requesting a concealed carry permit; however, he doubts the demand will materialize.
“No way it’s going to happen. All I want to do is defend myself. I’m well qualified. I’m well trained. Why shouldn’t I have a sidearm to protect my life?” Says Thomson.
When I asked him how long it takes for police to respond to an emergency in his area, Thomson laughed.
“It’s hard to say. On average between 10 to 20 minutes.”
Thomson then pointed to his voicemail message from Niagara Regional Police, which indicates a wait-time of up to an hour.
Firearm law expert and Thomson council, Ed Berlew, said about the request for a concealed carry permit, “It’s going to be difficult to obtain. There are very few in Ontario.”
Estimates peg the number of permits somewhere below 100 across the whole province of Ontario, a well-kept secret, with little indication of who possesses one and for what reason.
Next steps for Thomson include writing to the province’s Chief Firearms Officer to request an application. Then Thomson will be asked to produce police reports, which make a case for why the permit is necessary.
Thomson adds,”The system has not only let me down. It’s let down all of society. Weaver serves half his sentence and I am now living  in indescribable fear.”
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  • Superlative Critic

    This is a typical case of lie-berals and left-wing radicals who are so self-righteous and smug because this sort of thing doesn’t happen to them. They in their ivory space stations live in isolation from the real world and make laws for the rest of us who live down on Earth. What we need is for regular people like Thomson to go into politics to represent we the people, and not those like liberal politicians who never have to fear for their lives because they have bodyguards. Bodyguards with firearms. Typical.

    • JEng

      I disagree. There are a lot of people who would love to trick a victim into showing up on their porch and then using castle doctrine to shoot them. I think – unfortunately, that the authorities made the decision to make Ian Thomson famous and making him suffer to send a message to trigger happy people that even when a case is so perfect and obviously not about a gun nut, you can still get into trouble so don’t try anything funny.

  • JEng

    Why is his neighbor never named in these articles even though the hired firebombers didn’t even know the victim personally? Was the neighbor arrested for instigating the firebombing? Why not?

    I ask because according to an otherwise dismissable creepy youtube video

    the victim found an explosive device in his driveway this autumn which means three years after the firebombing, he is still in danger. I don’t think a carry permit is going to help so I am not writing this in support of right to bear arms. I am questioning why his neighbor is protected to this degree when he should be encouraged to leave the victim alone instead of fearlessly persisting in threatening behavior despite cameras on him. Let Ian Thomson’s fifteen minutes of fame conclude without anymore tragedy and injustice.

    What kind of town is Port Colborne where everyone is okay with the conduct of this unnamed neighbor?