While RCMP refuse to answer key questions surrounding the High River gun grab, some new details are coming to light thanks to the passion for truth that spares nothing at Sun Media– they are as follows:
– RCMP have have given us a number of firearms seized, though it’s a moving target. Today we hear the total is 539 seized, lowered from yesterday’s 560.
– Roughly half have been returned.
– No breakdown of ratios (i.e. restricted, non-restricted);  however, least one person had a ‘prohibited’ firearm, which has not been returned.
– Firearms seized did  include restricted firearms, in which case documentation including an up to date possession/acquisition was produced. ‘Other arrangements‘ were made if police felt the owner was lawfully entitled but didn’t have proper paperwork. In cases where PALs were lost, RCMP say they checked their possession/acquisition database for records of the individual’s license…
– No word on whether folks with restricted firearms saw their guns returned only if they came with a short-term Authorization to Transport (ATT) issued by Alberta’s Chief Firearms Officer, as per Canadian  law… An important detail since a failure to ensure as much would make the RCMP complicit in a criminal act
– Authorities say they contacted each owner who had a firearm seized, it’s not everyone has picked up their property.
… AND, the answer to the million dollar question law-abiding gun owners have been asking since news of the gun grab broke…
RCMP say there very well may have been guns with trigger locks that were seized as they were ‘out in the open’ – Translation: FIREARMS WERE LEGALLY STORED BUT RCMP TOOK THEM ANYWAY.
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  • Lloyd Snauwaert

    Thank you for pursuing this Ms. Goldy…this is a precedent setting case and the truth must come to light.